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Medicare Products

How can they make it this complicated? One of the most critical parts of your financial life is your healthcare and when you become eligible for Medicare you have more options than you have ever had before but they are also more confusing than they have ever been before. We help you sort through all of those options and come up with the most cost effective plan that suits your unique situation for both healthcare and prescription drug needs. We also help you stay up to date with and make adjustments for changing circumstances (your's, Medicare's and your coverage providers').

Group Benefits
Why do you carry group benefits? Surprisingly, the answer to that question varies greatly between companies and it is also the answer that gives us the most guidance in helping you set up your employee benefit plans. We help you set up employee benefits plans that accomplish your employees’ goals not your goals.

Individual Health Insurance
Healthcare reform brought about the most sweeping changes to our healthcare system since.......well, ever. How does it benefit you? What options are available to you? What will it cost you? What are the downsides? What qualifies as a life changing event? When am I eligible? At Perkins & Associates, we can provide those answers for you.
Many people either do not have access to an employer group plan or their plan is cost prohibitive. In either case, the use of individual health insurance policies can be a viable option. However, plan selection can be difficult and confusing. This is where Perkins & Associates can help you by assessing your particular situation and giving guidance not only on the plan itself but the company that best suits you right down to whether your doctor accepts it.

Other Services

Insurance Consulting
Our philosophy on insurance in general is fairly simple, “Insure against financial disaster, not financial discomfort”. This philosophy helps put premium dollars back in your pocket that can be used to accomplish other financial goals.

Retirement Planning
When do you want to retire? How do you want to retire? Tell us what you want to happen and when you want it to happen and we will show you, without sugarcoating, what you will have to do in order to make it happen. We tell you what you need to save, over what time frame to save it and what kind of return you will have to earn over that time frame to accomplish your goals. We will talk about some of the aspects of retirement that you may not have thought of like Social Security, pensions and healthcare. We will even show you where you need to be at every step along the way.

Executive Benefits
What would I do without him/her? If you have ever found yourself asking yourself this question about one of your employees then that employee is a key person. As a business owner, your most valuable assets are people. One of the great challenges of operating a business is attracting and retaining talented people. Many owners are looking for ways to reward top people for their performance and to inspire loyalty but that can be confusing and difficult when dealing with qualified versus non-qualified plans and ERISA guidelines. We help design plans that can protect and reward you and your key people thereby creating the continuity in your business that is necessary for long term success. Tell us what you are trying to accomplish and let us show you how to do it.

Estate Planning
What do you want to happen when you die? How can you make that happen? Estate planning is an extremely diverse and complex topic, more so for some people than others. The fact of the matter is, we are all going to die at some point so it is a relevant topic to everyone. The two main goals of estate planning are to have your assets distributed according to your wishes and to keep Uncle Sam out of your pockets (or those of your heirs) as much as possible while doing it. The government makes estate planning especially challenging because they are changing the rules constantly so, because of that, you need to update your plan periodically especially if you have significant assets. Things that add to the complexity of an estate plan are significant assets, previous marriages, children by different marriages, large real estate or business holdings, health issues, etc. We work in conjunction with your other advisers (Accountants, Attorneys) to formulate and implement a plan that will accomplish all of your goals and navigate all of the roadblocks that you may or may not be aware of.

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